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Hi Scott,
Just some quick feedback,
Been working through some of your method with great results… I just spent some time with an employee of ours, and spoke to her protector part that’s basically permanently “up” and overlapping with her. I brought her up and also a younger part using your method. The major protector allowed Jesus to heal her.. Big thanks for the input. Its good timing too, as next week I’m training on inner healing, and will incorporate this.
No pressure, but if you have time again soon, I’d appreciate another ‘brain picking’ session!

Here's lowdown...Pastor Scott and I were finally able to meet tonight. We had an eventful adventure together. I learned a lot about deliverance and myself. I had things come up I had long forgotten. I saw how things were related that I didn't know were related. I had things made known to me that I never knew. I saw lifelong patterns that needed to change.The Lord healed many "parts" and wounds. As Scott told the youngest wounded "part" of me that he was safe, I immediately started crying almost uncontrollably. I didn't understand it because it just happened and I couldn't control it. He explained that it was a young wounded part that needed healing. I found out I had blocked emotions from a "part" trying to protect me from getting hurt - just like my mom did. We had to deal with this "part" so I could get in touch with the other "parts" and their feelings so that they could be healed.
I discovered that one reason I struggled is that I didn't know what to do with the feelings that were coming up because they had been suppressed and never dealt with. This was the main cause of my headaches -- resisting these feelings. I didn't know how to give these feelings to Jesus either but I learned and it brought relief. I really like this method better than what I had been doing, which was, simply commanding demons to go and healing to come. It explains why I wasn't getting healing - the wounds were not being properly addressed -- by first acknowledging them and experiencing them, then giving them to Jesus and then seeing the truth I needed to see about them. The Lord showed up with visions and words of truth or blessing. It was neat to see how fitting each applied to each wound. "Let go of the pity because you are My son" for the boy holding on to pity, "I love you my son" for hate and artificial love, "I was wounded for you" for hurts and wounds, a hug and embrace for fear, trauma and terror in a young boy, a firm Fatherly hand on the shoulder while pointing with the other hand so as to give direction to the boys coming of age (when my father was not there to do it), the glory of the Lord shining all around me for darkness and confusion.
I did all I could to simply observe and cooperate with the process, and not try to control or influence it. This seems to be a major ingredient and was hard at times for my analytical mind. In the end, Scott showed me how to go through the process for myself and I look forward to complete healing. We accomplished a lot. Just dealing with the earliest issues did a lot. I am amazed that the most of feelings I was dealing with are gone and the memories that upset me before don't bother me at all now. Praise the Lord! I'm still wondering what happened to me at 25. That age kept coming up but there was no explanation of why it was significant. I did figure out when that was, and thought about what happened then. During that time frame, my wife miscarried, her oldest brother died, and our middle son was conceived so it could be anything. No need to worry as God can reveal the significance of this age if needed.
The demonic element of this was obvious. First, we kept missing one another on the phone. Then, I couldn't get Skype to load even after rebooting my computer. It finally loaded though. Then, something dramatic. Right as Scott commanded the demons to divulge how it was trying to kill me, all the power in our home and neighborhood went out. LOL :-) I mean, given how rare losing power is, and how this happened right at the most crucial moment, this seemed to be an obvious distraction and interference. Finally, the mocking, laughing, evil taunts went on the whole time. Scott and I laughed several times because they were so obvious. At the end of it, we both laughed because he had asked them if they had anything else to tell us, and they said of me, "We hate him! We hate him! We hate him!" Duh? LOL :-) You hate all men. And we hate you.
I found out afterwards another amazing event took place (Scott you will want to hear this). My wife said she wondered what we were doing because she suddenly started crying in an unusual way (the movie she watched was sad but not that sad). She was not in the room and could not see or hear us.
In short, praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! He is good, good, good, s-o-o-o-o-o good! Bless the name of the Lord! May He continue to heal us and bless us and may He bless you, too Scott. It might be worth outlining the process and putting it on your site, although having the initial session with you helps a lot to see how it is done. I found this process more helpful than what I had been doing, as I got to go through and process each unprocessed hurt and have Jesus help me deal with it.

Scott, I attended your class because I was asked to sit in with a friend who needed counsel. I was so touched by that first lesson that, in the next class I was the one who volunteered to have you do an entire inner-healing and deliverance. I hoped that the outcome would be worth any sort of embarrassment. I cannot say enough about how much better my life is since I went through this experience.

I was in a very fulfilling marriage and had an intimate love of Jesus, but for years still felt rejected. After the deliverance, all the feelings of rejection suddenly came to an end. It was such an apparent change that the very next day as I led worship at church, even my pastor noticed a difference. I finally had quiet in my mind. I have stopped looking in the mirror and being overly critical of what I see, and am now thankful instead. I no longer hear things that people say through the pain of rejection and anger. The impact on me was so tremendous that I took your entire course and have been helping and doing this for others at every opportunity. Thank you!

Hi, this is the lady from California who you prayed with. I want to thank you soooo much for the sacrifice of time that you spent with me over the phone. It means so much and was very effective in breaking off all that the enemy had used to keep me bound in my walk with Christ. I would like to know if we can keep in touch. As God would provide I want to send an offering to your address, please call me. I have boasted of your ministry to my best friend who is eager to be free from yrs of pain. May He give you strength and keep your lamp filled with oil and your feet bound to the paths of righteousness and peace. God bless you!!!

Would you believe that my friend (the girl who is atheist) was asking me how I contacted you after I told her about the ministry and how it has helped me thus far! However, she hasn't quite opened the door yet, but she's curious. I was also telling my mom and she is interested in being delivered too. We talked about her getting deliverance again yesterday and she was accepting of it.


I just wanted to thank you so much for ministering to me. I will say that I am feeling better inside about past hurts. You opened up wounds that have been heavy on me for a long time. You are patient and kind and walk with the Lord.

May God Bless you & your Family

Hello Scott,
Here's an update on my medication/depression/anxiety.
• Depression - much less actually, and I think almost gone, if not all gone.
• Anxiety - much less (I really feel that I have had anxiety all my life, and pretty much thought it was "normal" to me. What I know now, is that it is not normal to have the ongoing anxiety that I've been experiencing over the past eight years. Much of my depression and physical ailments was probably been caused by my out of control anxiety. You have given me the tools, HIS WORD to battle and conquer the anxiety and the evil one.

For the past 45-60 days, I have slowly weaned off my medications (Zoloft - depression and anxiety plus ADD). As of the end of this week - I will be totally off my Zoloft and I am down to 5mg of Adderall (from 20mg). I believe my thinking/mental state is much better than when I was on meds. I am hoping to be totally off Adderall by the end of July if not sooner.

Thank you for your continued prayers!!! They are working! I am blessed to have you in my life!!!
In Christ,

Hi Scott,
Appreciated your call…Still amazed at how God worked in me that day. Went back to those wounds today and saw the Lord take charge and didn't feel the pain. He was standing in the midst of it like “It can't hurt you anymore”. God Bless you, your family and all you do,

Good morning, Scott!

I don’t know if you remember me, but you took me through deliverance a while back. I truly have some good God news (like there is any other kind?!). Almost 6 years ago I was pretty sick and really struggling. Enough so that my physician sent me in for an MRI. While it didn't end up being the cause of my problems I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma (just a little tumor on the pituitary gland). Tons of people have them and most don't even know it as it doesn't affect their health, which was my case. However, it has to be monitored and I had been lax in getting it checked again. I just had an MRI on Monday and got the results today. The tumor is gone! It is really rare for that to happen without treatment. Mine wasn't treated because it wasn't causing any problems. Both MRIs were done at the same facility and the results were compared., then…No Tumor. The difference, God! I didn't recognize Him in my life at the point I was diagnosed. Then you re-introduced me to Him. I will always wonder if it wasn't a physical manifestation of a demon. One more time,

Thank you!

Hello Scott,

Thank you for ministering to me yesterday. I love your determination in pursuing every avenue to bring healing to others! Today was a mixed day of emotions for me. There is a deep settled rest and peace, yet last night I began to remember other events in my childhood that I've not thought about in years. I will make time to work on those (as you taught me) tomorrow morning. There was news today about a change at work that brought sadness, but change is always hard for me. I would have normally gotten all stirred up about it and gone through my analyzing - talk – talk – talk but in the end was not upset, and That’s New! COOL!


The ministry I received through you changed my life in many ways. I used to struggle with a deep sense of sadness and loss due to my parent's divorce and separation of my family. I always wondered if I would ever be free of that loss and sadness. Many people told me that it was something I would have to bear and that I might always feel that loss. I used to say, I didn't believe that Jesus died for me so that I could be crippled by emotional pain. I believed that I could be free like the scripture says, "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed" (John 8:36). I wanted to be "free indeed”, but no one really knew how to help me. To some people it was trivial compared to things others have suffered in life.

I met you at one of your classes and I instantly liked you, because I saw Jesus in your face. I could sense the kindness and love of Jesus radiating from you. I listened intently in class and began to understand how I could be free from the sadness and sense of loss. After going through the inner healing and deliverance I know I am free. I have not felt that sadness and loss again-- it has been a few years, it left and never came back. I now know what it means to be free indeed! More importantly, you taught me how to do inner healing and deliverance on myself. You also taught me how to effectively minister inner healing and deliverance to others (which I now do on a regular basis), and I love every second of it! Scott you are in my opinion, one of the best (if not the best) and most effective deliverance ministers in the world. Now I can say with complete certainty that if people want to experience freedom, and are willing to do the work, they too can be free indeed!

Dear Scott,

I would like to thank you for the gift of deliverance to my wife. The awesome, gentle, and very powerful light of Jesus was shining through you and into my wife and I. This experience might be one of the greatest moments that define the both of us. We believe that through this experience that we have become reborn with a new vision of God. Sir, You are truly blessed!

Even though our experience with you lasted just a few hours, it was your peaceful healing that guided us closer to God. That small but significant time has given us a lifetime worth of renewed faith and hope. For that, our words cannot compare to this awesome experience, so we can only say, Thank You, and we Thank God for your kind and gentle soul.

Also, it was because of your message that this year my family re-awakened to the real reason we celebrate Christmas, not for ourselves, but for the birth of Christ and the love of God. My family would like to provide possibly a few others with the same hope we now have. We have pooled our resources and decided that instead of gifts for each other, that we’d provide a donation to your ministry, for the gift of deliverance and freedom for others in need. In the past years my family lost our way at some point, we’d forgotten the meaning of Christmas. It was because of our divine appointment with you that we’ve regained our faith and hope in God.

Thank you again, for providing us the opportunity to see the light and Glory of God.


Thank you of ministering to me, and also for your encouragement and example. I remember how you went after the demons I had, during my deliverance. You were strong in the Power of the Lord and you were not going to let that spirit of Witchcraft stay. How wonderfully the lord used you that day!!

When I thank the Lord for special people, you are right at the top of my list. Thank you, Thank you!


You’re a mentor and a friend. The dedication you have in your heart for God’s hurting people is an inspiration to me. Your humble nature and Love for Christ shines through. May you be Blessed in Every Way. Love in Christ,


Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Jesus is truly amazing and I’m glad he works thru you….Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your ministry to me. The Lord has had me do many self-sessions since you helped me. It is comforting for to know that I can do it on my own! PTL!!

Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for your time and for sharing your “gifting” with the both of us. We so appreciate you helping us to achieve freedom from past wounds and a newly found freedom in Christ. YAY! In Christ,

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