Can a Christian have a demon?
The simple answer is yes. A demon can’t inhabit the Spirit of a Christian,  however, it can be in the soul and be in the body. They torment the soul through soul wounds and torment the body with infirmity.  A Christian isn’t possessed, they simply have a demon.  When that Christian eventually dies, he/she goes to heaven, and the demon eventually ends up in Hell.

How do you get a demon?
It’s all based on sin:  Generational sin, Volitional (voluntary) sin, or sin Perpetrated Against Us.

Why am I depressed?  
Most depression comes from demons attacking a wounded part of our soul. This dissociative (wounded) part holds all the emotion from the trauma, and when that emotion has no place to go, it naturally brings you down, and you feel depression.  Once the wounded parts are healed and the demons are gone, the depression leaves.

Why do I hear voices, and what are they, and how do we make them stop?
I have dealt with these thousands of times. The voices are either the little wounded, dissociative parts and/or demons. When the parts are healed and the demons are gone, the voices stop.

I’ve been through an Exorcism (deliverance) and feel like the demons came back… can they come back?
No, if the demon’s legal right to be there is removed and they are sent to the pit, they can’t come back.  If it feels like they came back, it means they never left in the first place…they just went down. They didn’t leave because they have a legal right to stay…Most likely in a wound that still needs to be healed.  (I’ll show you how to remove a demon’s legal right, cast it out, and then use the Word of God to check and make sure they are really gone.)

Why do my emotions just explode?
Soul wounds hold all the emotion from the original trauma. In our daily lives, when we experience an emotion that is held by a wounded part, that part immediately pops up.  We are then instantly at the same emotional level as the wounded part. When these parts are healed, they stop popping up, and we stop overreacting.

Is deliverance a process or one session?
It can be one session, but it’s usually a process. In your session we will get most of your deepest wounds healed and get rid of the demons that attack those wounds. I will give you the tools to heal wounds and cast out demons so that you can finish the process.

Is there spiritual abuse in deliverance ministry?
Unfortunately, yes.  Many well-intentioned ministers don’t know the difference between the wounded dissociative parts and demons. These ministers may yell at, hold down, or even try to cast out the wounded parts of people because they think they are demons.  This is Spiritual Abuse.  If deliverance is done properly, there is never a need to yell and scream, or hold someone down. The God of the Bible is a God of order, and deliverance ministry can and should be orderly and calm.