Deliverance is just another (more palatable) word for Exorcism.  In short, it’s the casting out of demons, and it’s done by invoking the Name and Authority of Jesus.

How do you do deliverance, Scott? 
It begins with an interview:  1) to see why the person wants prayer, 2) identify the source and severity of the wounds, 3) and to determine the source and extent of demonization.

The process that follows is:  1) identify the legal rights for the demonization, 2) heal the wounds, 3) cast out the demons, 4) provide and instruct the client with self-inner healing prayers for any remaining wounds, and self-deliverance prayers to cast out any remaining demons.

The whole process is peaceful, very thorough, and absolutely confidential.

What is a demon? 
A demon is a fallen angel, one of the angels that followed Satan when he declared that he’d be like God, “The Most High”.

What is a demons purpose, job, or task? 
A demons purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy people.  They have no redeeming qualities, they are pure evil.  Each demon has a very specific function (or job), and their individual function can be almost anything negative that can happen to a human being. (But not everything negative that happens is a demon.)

How do you get a demon?
A demons ability to enter is based on sin:  Generational sin, Volitional (voluntary) sin, or sin Perpetrated Against Us.

What causes people to feel tormented?
People feel tormented when a demon is attacking an emotional or physical wound, a wound that was so severe that we disassociated. The dissociative (wounded) part is still at the level of emotion as when the trauma happened. The demon is tormenting that wounded part and intensifying the pain.

Are demons all the same, or do they have different characteristics?
Demons are as different as people.  Some are sarcastic, some have a sense of humor (although depraved), some seem dumb, others are very devious, some will tattle on each other (like children,)  some are very technical (and won’t go unless everything is done exactly right), and all demons speak every language.

Are some demons more powerful than others?
Demons work in a hierarchy, like an army. They recognize the difference in rank among each other. No Demons power is a match for the Name and Authority of Jesus. Their power is less than a gnat compared to Jesus.

Why doesn’t every demon leave instantly by saying “in Jesus name”?
God has established the rules that Satan must play by. Satan does not have free reign to do 100% as he wants. Demons may have a ”Legal Right” to stay (according to the rules that God has set up).  In my deliverance training classes, I teach the rules that demons must play by, so that you can defeat them every time.

What is a demonic “Legal Right”?
A demonic “legal right” is the ability to enter or stay (according to Gods rules). It’s always associated with sin that’s enumerated in God’s Word.

What are examples of a legal right?
A demon’s legal right can be the sin that allowed it to enter. It can be the overwhelming emotion from the sinful abuse. It can be a sinful action that resulted from the original abuse. It can be a lie believed by a wounded part of us, and it can be in the will of the core person for the demon to stay (some people actually like their demons). A demon can even have multiple legal rights. (In my exorcism training course, I teach exactly how to find out what the legal rights are and how to remove them.)