I assembled this Spiritual Warfare training for the express use of Mental Health Professionals, Pastors, and anyone that has a heart for hurting people.
This training series is now “Free of Charge”!

As you go through the modules (below) feel free to call or email with questions.

My personal cell is: 480-570-7268

Thank you,
Dr. Scott Bitcon, Pastor

Course Summary


Video Series Descriptions and Details

Satan’s Rules | Downloadable PDF
Warfare Training | Downloadable PDF
Inner Healing Notes | Downloadable PDF
Information on Demons | Downloadable PDF
Self Inner Healing | Downloadable PDF
Evangelism | Downloadable PDF


Module 1

Healing the broken Heart

Healing sessions recorded live



Module 2

Warfare Training

Session 1 Madra recorded live

Session 2 Shiela recorded live



Module 3

Self healing and Freedom



Module 4


Module 5

Level II training videos | Level II Part 1

Level II training videos | Level II Part 2

Level II training videos | Level II Part 3