Please glance at this short list of symptoms that may point towards your having been hurt and having a demon.

This list is the result of my thousands of hours doing deliverances, and compiling the most common reasons that people get soul wounds and have demons.  If you have experienced or suffer from three or more of these symptoms, you may need some inner healing and deliverance.

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  • Abuse (Verbal, Physical, or Sexual)
  • Depression
  • Elevated Emotions (Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Rejection, Abandonment, Despair…etc).
  • Molestation
  • Involvement in occult practices (Oaths, Dedications, Blood Covenants)
  • Seeing Demons, Dark Figures, Night Terrors
  • Waking repeatedly at exactly 3:00 AM
  • Mental Irregularities:  Bipolar,
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder),
  • MPD (multiple personality disorder)
  • DID (dissociative identity disorder)
  • Voices, Lost time, Blasphemous thoughts
  • Trauma (Physical, or Mental)
  • Health Issues that Doctors can’t diagnose
  • Pain or illness that moves around the body
  • Inability or difficulty reading the Bible or praying
  • Eating Disorders, Bulimia, Anorexia
  • Struggling with repeated emotional overreaction:
  • Worry, Panic, Stress, Terror, Sadness, Loneliness,
  • Sorrow, Guilt, Self-Condemnation, Despair,
  • Embarrassment, Humiliation, Worthlessness,
  • Unworthiness, Devastation, Jealousy
  • Generational Curses
  • Suicidal thoughts, Suicide Attempts
  • Thoughts of Self Harm, Cutting
  • Addiction