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So I just worked on Nina (my newest 2 year old)! I went to get her out of her chair in the kitchen and she threw a fit for no reason. I got her out of the kitchen and as usual, collapsed on the floor for her usual tantrum. I went through everything you said and she immediately stopped mid-tantrum, starred at me, and then calmly got up and started playing! It was amazing to see, especially after dealing with months of tantrums that drag out for much longer!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You just saved my sanity! LOL

Just did a session with my sexually trafficked mentee. She’s in NC at her childhood home. Flashback to first time her dad taped her in the bathroom. Jesus came as her as a teddy bear and took all the fear and sadness. So beautiful!! Grateful to Yahweh for thus and for you.

Hi Scott,

Thanks again for a great call yesterday.
Last night (12 hours after our call) I did a public deliverance with about 80-90 people here on Hong Kong island, and taught specifically on dissociation.
I basically taught using your standard steps, incorporating your valuable input (sensory items etc).. it’s not an easy thing to teach in Chinese, as I had an interpreter which slowed things down.
Anyway.. here’s where it gets interesting. God had lined up a practical example.. DIRECTLY at the end of my teaching, a lady two rows from the front starts screaming in despair, so I was able to get a microphone to her (not that I really needed it!) and she said she was 2 years old and her daddy left… Jesus healed that part, then 3 other parts came up.. a man had put his hand up her skirt in the bus, her grandfather left her, and died at another age… Jesus healed them all.
As this was happening, another lady started manifesting parts, and then a few more.. There was a pastor present from another church and his jaw was on the ground watching.. I noticed he’d conveniently shifted next to a women manifesting to watch intently!
Jesus lined up perfect practical examples to show everybody how DID is real, and how Jesus heals it.. We serve an amazing God!
By the end of the night, I saw small pockets of people ministering to others.. using their authority for the first time.. speaking to parts, getting them healed, and casting out demons! This was the best part of the night for me.. to see the body equipped! This is inner healing, in its deepest and simplest form.. it’s not complicated.
Just wanted to let you know.. and big thanks to you brother for all your time… Jesus is Lord!
My sister in Australia, used your approach for healing Groups of wounded parts, “based on emotion”. She used it with a heavily demonized person we’ve been ministering to for some time. We had a Massive breakthrough with her!

Hi Bro Scott,
So sorry getting back to you a little late. A while back, I contacted you about my 19 yr old daughter who kept running away. I did inner-healing with her(as you showed us) and two of her worst wounds were healed. But when I started the deliverance she’d instantly fall soundly asleep, awake suddenly, blurt out a lie, and run upstairs to bed. After your advice, I did what u said – called up that slumber demon and cast it out. She gave 3 or 4 huge yawns and told me “it’s gone”! Its been 2 weeks- no running away. I have caught her listening to sermon CD’s that I have left on in my car. She’s not angry anymore, and for the first time in EIGHT years she is actually talking to her dad and sitting down at the table for dinner.
My 21 yr old daughter got married in April and was having adjustment issues to marriage. She had a weight gain of 30 lbs in 3 mos- I prayed with her- 2 altars were healed and gluttony cast out. They are INCREDIBLY in love- they cant keep their hands off each other and she is working out with me in the gym.
And finally- my 3 yr old granddaughter who has demonic dreams every night. I told her there was a bad spirirt like a breath inside her and I am going to command it to come out in the name of Jesus. When I say in the name of Jesus u blow it out like puff puff puff. Well I said it, she did it, and said “It’s gone GeMa !” I know this isn’t how you showed us, but it worked… No more demonic dreams! I am so glad they gave DVD’s to us when we left the conference. This stuff is life changing. Thank you so much for coming to Norfolk, VA!!!

Hi Scott,
Last night I got a phone call from my friend. On Saturday she got this horrific memory of being gang-raped by 3 guys when she was 15. She had a body memory and got hysterical, reliving the trauma. She called me last night and I could tell something was seriously wrong. When I asked what was going on, she started sobbing as she told me the story. I separated soul from spirit and then took her through the curse breaking, as well as a forgiveness prayer (she got stuck when it came to forgiving the guys, but managed to choke it out) and then the inner healing and deliverance. When we got done, I asked her how she felt. She said shed had this horrible demonic feeling in her stomach all weekend, but that was gone and then she started to laugh and giggle – she felt light and free and joyful! We then went on to talk about other things and she was just absolutely fine.
Scott, we talked about how grateful we are that we have these tools that, because we have the Holy Spirit in us, we can actually make a difference when people are stuck and struggling! She was with a friend when the flashback came and she didn’t know whether it was a real memory or imagined, but the body memories were the truth.
Because of the tools God’s given you and you’ve given us, my friend was able to be set free and delivered. Astonishing but oh, so wonderful!!!!! J Thank you, Scott!!

Hi Scott,
I am really enjoying the class and looking forward to learning more. A lot of questions, especially from the first timers! I hope that in the next session that you have even more time to teach and demonstrate.
My friend and I actually did an Inner Healing session. Since I had some recent experiences with your techniques, I thought we’d work on whatever wound she wanted to address. She seemed to benefit from the experience.
After this Thursday, you will have taught the basics of Inner Healing and Deliverance. Will you canvass the audience to see how many people want to learn more? I am ready for more!

Thank you so much for ministering to us both. The note-books you made for us have guided us through many hours of sessions before the Courts of Heaven and in Jesus presence. We already sense greater power and authority as well as greater freedom in the Spirit. This week marked the first time that we both ministered to friends. Your training sessions have given us greater confidence to deal with wounded people in our lives. We are learning to deal with new aspects of spiritual warfare as a result of your training.

Hello Man of God,
Through a series of circumstances, I did a short healing and deliverance session with a friend of mine. It was amazing to see her healing, and also of her arm that was accidently stabbed by a large knife with a main tendon being cut nearly 2 wks earlier! We healed the soul wound that was caused by the Trauma of that accident and by the next morning, the pain she had been asking God to take away was 100% gone!! The Lord lead me to a wounded part that was formed by the trauma–she didn’t really believe it, but when she agreed to doing the inner healing process right then at my place, it was amazing what came out and then the demons that came up also!! PRAISE GOD for this strategy!!!!!
Then on Saturday, my ex-husband was struggling more with his “stuff”. I suggested that there may be more “stuff” because he hadn’t kept up with his own self-deliverance process, and he felt that it was true! I told him that we could go through the process again (like you did with him), even though I thought it is not something that should normally take place—ex-husband and broken soul-ties wife. He wanted to go for it! It was amazing all the stuff that came up for healing and deliverance!!! I felt like I heard the “Voice of Scott” in me the whole time–ha! So much stuff happened that it took nearly 5 hours!!!!! He’s been amazed at his freedom. I LOVE THIS STRATEGY!!!

I thought your training class was magnificent! I particularly liked the two demonstrations of ministering to people’s needs. During the first healing, it was also good to see how you “stopped” at a certain point and informed the class that you would continue with his other wounds at a later time. I actually couldn’t wait to get home and apply the teaching to my issues which I knew were linked to prior unhealed issues and not current triggers. I had a great session at home after class and felt some wonderful healing and peace. The teaching helped me to go further with the Lord to get the healing that I was seeking rather than just a crying session. So at least one person has applied your training on the very first night! I had printed out the pages that you had sent me, so I followed along as you taught and wrote notes on the pages as you added some additional gems to the printed material.
Sorry if my response is rather lengthy. I wanted to make a donation to your ministry, so please send me your mailing address. And finally, let me say that it is always a pleasure to be in your presence. There is such wonderful, loving presence of God that you carry that no doubt makes most, if not all who you come into contact with, feel very “safe”. And we know that feeling “safe” with someone is crucial to creating an atmosphere whereby people can heal their issues through the Lord’s intervention. You do a wonderful job of modeling the Lord’s love.
Thanks so much for the training, it’s fabulous! I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and then working on my own healing in the meantime. God Bless you!

We are so appreciative of your time. We continue to use the materials and have been learning the goodness and reliability of God. I remember the time in class where you said, -“go ahead, you can’t mess up”. Just use the techniques I’ve shown you- let the H.S. lead you, yes He has been. He’s still been healing me too, so I can “feel safe” and trust at a deeper level.

Dearest Pastor Scott,
I just wanted to thank you for the demonstration of the Power of God. He is able to divide the unimaginable and heal the deepest of deepest parts. I love healing the brokenhearted. Thank you again for your time and diligence in kingdom work.

Thanks so much Scott for teaching deliverance and salvation in a way that is so practical. You have helped change our lives. Bless you over and over for your faithfulness!