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  • “ALTERS” (Wounds)

  • What is an alter and what causes its creation?
  • Characteristics and effects of disassociation
  • Healing the woundedness
  • The relationship between demons and alters
  • How do we get an alter to talk to us?
  • Problem alters and solutions
  • Generational alters
  • How to keep alters from hurting us
  • Alter Script
  • Self Inner-Healing
  • Inner Healing do’s and don’ts
  • In-class, inner healing demonstration
  • “DEMONS”

  • What is a demon?
  • Characteristics of demons
  • How do you get a demon?
  • Demonic legal rights
  • Removing demonic legal rights
  • What makes a demon leave?
  • Generational Demons
  • Demonic problems/Solutions
  • Deliverance Script
  • Self Deliverance
  • Deliverance do’s and don’ts
  • In-class, full deliverance demo


Biblical Evangelism: how and why it works
Conversation Starters
Evangelism Script
Avoiding Rejection and Overcoming Objections