Learn from Dr Scott Bitcon.

Module 1 – Inner-healing Training – $27.00 

Dr. Scott Bitcon Inner Healing Training Module 1 from Scott Bitcon on Vimeo.

Download: https://innerhealinganddeliverance.org/docs/Inner-Healing-Notes.pdf

  1. Video training. Learn how to heal the broken heart down to the very root. Healing Past Traumas, Depression, BiPolar, DID, MPD, PTSD, Borderline Personality, Emotional Overreaction, Cutting, Lost Time and many other disorders.
    (1 Hour Training Video)

  2. Recorded Live. Watch Scott take 6 individuals (one by one) through 9 terrible traumas, following the simple steps outlined in the teaching. See Jesus heal each of these wounds.
    (1 Hour of Live Video Clips)

  3. Includes Scott’s training notes and documents.

Module 2 – Demons & Deliverance $27.00

Demons & Deliverance from Scott Bitcon on Vimeo.

Download: https://innerhealinganddeliverance.org/docs/Demon-Docs.pdf

  1. Video Training… Defeat demons Every time. (2 Hour Training Video)
    -Quick review of Inner-Healing
    -Demons and your authority
    -Little known facts about demons
    -How demons enter
    -The Rules that Satan has to play by
    -Demonic legal rights
    -Why demons don’t always leave when told to go “in Jesus name”
    -Removing demonic legal rights
    -Learn “Step by Step” how Dr. Bitcon does deliverance.
  2. Watch Scott do Two full Deliverances, recorded Live.
    (2 1/2 Hours of Video)
  3. Also Includes:
    -The Demon Teaching Notes
    -The Deliverance Prayers
    -Deliverance Steps, start to finish
  4. Copy of Scott’s actual notes taken during the two deliverances.

Module 3 – Self Inner-healing and Self Inner-deliverance – $27.00

Self Inner-healing and Self Deliverance from Scott Bitcon on Vimeo.

Download: https://innerhealinganddeliverance.org/docs/Self-Inner-Healing-Sept.pdf

  1. Video of Dr. Bitcon teaching about Self Inner- Healing and Self Deliverance. (How and why it works).
  2. Watch videos of Scott teaching approximately a dozen people (one at a time) how to do self inner-healing, and self deliverance.
  3. See these people successfully follow his simple steps, get their own wounds healed, and cast out the demons themselves.
  4. Self Inner-Healing and Deliverance, written instructions.
  5. 1 Hour of Video Clips, Recorded Live

Module 4 – Evangelism Training – $27.00

Evangelism Training from Scott Bitcon on Vimeo.

Download: https://innerhealinganddeliverance.org/docs/wotmdocs.pdf

  1. How to start the conversation.
  2. How to handle objections and questions you can’t answer.
  3. How not to get rejected.
  4. How to know when Not to give The Gospel.
  5. How know Exactly when the person is ready to hear The Gospel.
  6. How to give The Gospel when the opportunity arises.
  7. Common evangelism mistakes most people make.
  8. Things “not to say” when trying to lead people to Christ.
  9. 1 Hour Training Video