Satan’s favorite demon is his most insidious. When we are wounded beyond our ability to cope, we sort of mentally separate to get away from the pain. The term for this separation is disassociate. When we dissociate, it creates a small split in our soul that holds the pain from the trauma,(like a little file). That’s where the term “split personality” comes from.


The moment we dissociate, Satan slips a demon onto the wound. This demon’s function is to aggravate the emotion held in that small split. The demon also acts as a gatekeeper, and lets in other demons that are closely related to his function.


A common example of this gatekeeper activity would be, a dissociative part that’s created because of say, anger. The spirit of Anger slips in, and opens the door to other demons like: Rage, Resentment, Retaliation, Revenge, Un-forgiveness, Bitterness, Violence, and Murder. Because of this gatekeeper activity, you rarely find a person that has only one demon. Satan loves it when dissociative parts are created, simply because of the sheer number of demons that he can slip onto the wounds.

When you find someone who has many dissociative wounded parts, you’ll usually find, Satan’s favorite demon. Satan’s favorite demon’s function, is to make people split over very insignificant things(even through adulthood). This of course causes lots of splits, lets in lots of demons, and leads to the persons ultimate destruction. Satan’s favorite demon is the “Spirit of Disassociation”.

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