A married, twenty-two year old graduate student, Connie said she came to me because, “I’m emotionally shut down, I seem to lose time during the day, and I feel broken inside”


Connie was raised a PK (preachers kid), and attended her dads church three times a week even as a small child. She told me her childhood was good, had no traumas, but strangely had no memories from age four to six. Connie said, “I mentioned to my father that I was going to you for prayer. . .and the strangest thing happened. She said, “He immediately sat me down, and tried to do what I think was an Exorcism on me!”


As we were talking to about the missing time in her childhood, Connie twice blinked very heavily, and up popped a four year old multiple personality. The four year old said, “I’m protector, I hold all the memories, and I know all the broken parts.” Protector told me what happened to Connie, and about the other personalities. Protector had even given them names.


Protector told me about School Person, “She does all Connie’s schoolwork, (but she can’t spell).” Protector told me about Church Person, “She handles everything religious, and helps School Person with her spelling.” Protector told me about Hate Person, Protector whispered, “Her husband calls this one Monster, because she’s mean and self-destructive.” She told me about Dead Person, “Who is quiet and wants to die.” She told me about Care Person, “Who hugs and cares for other people (even though the other parts hate hugs).”


Turns out Connie’s father was molesting her from age four to six. I finally asked Protector what she did for Connie, and she said, “I hold all her emotions inside.” While her father was molesting her, he told her, “If you cry I won’t love you anymore!” Jesus tenderly healed each and every part.


The demon proudly came up and sneered, “Her father tried to do an exorcism on her, to cover his tracks!” The demon’s legal right to stay was eliminated when the parts were healed, and we sent it to the pit.


Connie isn’t broken anymore and has normal emotions. She’s now doing inner healing and deliverance for others.

Inner healing and Deliverance can heal the brokenness inside.

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