Attractive and financially successful, forty-three year old Mallory had many men in her life, but still suffered extreme loneliness. Every relationship with a man had been brief, sexual, and empty. Her entire life was one long string of sexual encounters and then disappointment.

As a little girl, Mallory idolized her father. When he was home, she would follow him from room to room. She longed for his touch or even just some attention. Her father rarely gave her a moment, or even a second look.

Mallory was four when her father abandoned the family for another woman. Mallory cried for months. Her father didn’t contact the family again for over five years. One day when she was ten, Mallory’s mother told her that her father wanted to keep her for the weekend. Saturday morning, Mallory excitedly packed a small suitcase and waited by the front door. An hour passed, then the whole day. Mallory resumed her post again early Sunday morning. The weekend ended, and still no father, he didn’t even call. She was crushed and never saw him again.

Mallory’s mother allowed her to date when she turned sixteen. Her first date, held her hand, paid attention to her, and when he began to touch her sexually it felt so good, she just gave in. As she laid next to him, Mallory thought, “This is Real love!” Mallory was devastated when the boy told her he didn’t want to see her again. This began a pattern of behavior, sex on the first date, and then abandonment. The pattern continued for twenty-seven years, till our appointment.

I took Mallory back to that fateful night of her first date. A tough sixteen year old personality came up, acting very seductive. A tear soon welled up in her eye and the sixteen year old told me, “I hold abandonment, but I like the sex because it’s the only love I’ve ever known.”

I asked The Lord to come to this sixteen year old. He told her, “Daughter, this is false love. I love you with an everlasting love. I will never leave you or forsake you.” The sixteen year old personality was instantly healed. Mallory ecstatically gushed, “Oh, so this is real love! I know real love!!”

The Spirit of Abandonment entered when she was ten, and the Spirit of Promiscuity entered from that boy when she had sex at sixteen. Promiscuity bragged, “Abandonment and I worked together and drew men to her that had the same two demons! Each man used her and then abandoned her!” Mallory’s wounds were healed and the demons left quietly.

Inner healing and deliverance ministry can show you real love.

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