Several years ago, a 68 year old woman (we’ll call her Betty) came to me for ministry. She said the moment she picked up her first grandbaby, she said heard the words, “Kill the baby.” It startled her, and she set the baby down immediately. Every time Betty went to pick up the baby she heard the same words, “Kill the baby.” It was terrifying to her.


Another one of Betty’s daughters gave birth. Betty went to visit, and the moment she lifted that baby, she heard those dreadful words, “Kill the baby.” Betty sobbing, told me she hasn’t picked up any of her now five, grandchildren since that day.


During the deliverance, a demon of Abortion popped up. He growled, “I entered the family bloodline, when Bettys great, great, grandmother gave her daughter an abortion!” The demon said he’d tormented every woman in the family with the thought “Kill the baby!”


Betty and I broke the generational curses of abortion and murder off her family bloodline, and cast the demon to the pit. Betty called me three months later, and reported that she’d held all five of her grandbabies. She gleefully, said she couldn’t quit hugging them, and didn’t hear the voice anymore.

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